Install New Lawn

Green View Lawn Care offers several methods to enhance your existing lawn, or to create a beautiful new lawn installed by our expert maintenance crews.

Overseeding –The best time to seed is early Spring or early Fall.  In order to establish a healthy, full lawn we use the highest quality seed selected to best suit the different areas of your lawn (sun or shade).

Hydroseeding – a planting process in which a slurry containing seed, hydroseeding mulch, fertilizer, and a bonding agent are sprayed out of a hydroseeder over a prepared ground.  Once the new grass reaches a height of 3”, regular mowing can begin. Green View Lawn Care uses a local company to spray the hydroseed. We offer this service so you only need to call one company for all your lawn care needs.

Sod – Green View Lawn Care selects locally grown sod.  With proper watering and fertilization schedules your new lawn will remain full and healthy.